Windshield Wipers

Wiper blades are an important part of your Mopar vehicle that allow you to see clearly through your windshield. They can also be an easy part to forget about unless you have to use them. Wiper blades contribute to the safe operation of your vehicle by removing debris and moisture from the windshield. When you forget to check your wiper blades and you go to use them you may wind up with a windshield that isn't very clean. You should check your wiper blades on a regular basis for any cracks or signs of damage. The wiper arms can become bent out of place. The wiper blades can start to wear out from exposure to the sun. If you notice chattering or squeaking against your windshield, this can also be a sign that you need to make a replacement. Wiper blades should glide over your windshield smoothly. There should be no smearing or residue left behind after you use them. If you hear loud scraping noises, you need to get a replacement right away as well, as this can cause damage to the glass. When you notice signs of damage, shop OEM wiper blades for your Mopar vehicle here on our webstore.

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