Spark Plugs

When your engine runs, it is igniting a fuel and air mixture in the cylinder heads. This pushes the cylinders themselves in and out, creating the motion that turns the crank and pushes the vehicle along. Without Mopar spark plugs to ignite the air-fuel mixture, the engine simply would not run. They might be small parts, but they play a big role in the combustion process. You have as many spark plugs as the number of cylinders in your vehicle. If problems occur to the spark plugs, there is a whole range of issues that can arise. You might notice that your fuel economy has become worse over time, which can be the result of incomplete combustion. There can also be a drop in performance caused by this as well. You might start to notice it getting harder and harder to start your vehicle or find that the engine is misfiring. We carry a full range of original Mopar spark plugs to restore perfect factory performance to your vehicle. Only OEM Mopar spark plugs are going to fit your make and model perfectly. Grab new OEM spark plugs today from our huge range here at The Mopar Part Store, and drive with confidence.

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